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изглежда, че има проблем с avast не с операционната система. След като инсталирах avast cleanup, има подобни проблеми, изглежда, че продават вируси, за да създадат бизнес
avast! Free/Pro/IS/Premier / I am the new guy
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Many thanks! Numerous forum posts.
avast! 4 for PDA / High Pr Dofollow Backlinks 2016
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Develop sitemaps, make user flow, approach content, as properly as share theme mockups almost all from a single very simple to use net computer software. It is created by developers for designing professionals as well as firms. You can set up your sitemap from a blank canvas or even input the design of an up-to-date internet site by importing a Search engines XML folder. Slickplan coupon code provides various blueprints beginning from a no-cost account so that you can have a single lively web page map to tiered pay accounts consisting of so lots of lively site maps as well as individuals. Why is Slickplan Finest?

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If any one ask be to make a ratio between building backlink and all other issue(for eg:-content ,design and style ,and so forth) the ratio will stand as 9:two.Since I still personally believe backlinks are the Mr.90% for your web-site or weblog. But did you ever image why backlinks are so a lot improtant.Not obtaining backlink for your weblog or internet site can be equal to not acquiring meals to eat.Yea,you heard it correct! "If Yes, What sort of Link Creating techniques do you use for your internet sites or blogs? Initial of all you need to know backlink are of two forms Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks but most of us make error that Dofollow backlink is of no use .

So u need to constantly try to preserve a balance of 70%:30% among Nofollow backlinks and Dofollow backlinks respectively .Now they query come what are the form of hyperlinks you should develop. • Submitting links to Web directories. This are all the methods I personally use to develop backlinks for my most important weblog and micro niches. four. Participate in Google communities and Facebook groups. five. Participate in Query Answers platforms. 6. Interact with your readers. 7. Use internal linking to make Customers devote additional time on your internet site. 8. Write case studies. 9. Write on what is trending and controversial subjects and share it on social media. "Backlinks do not work anymore"- Web page Owners from Web page 2 of Google.

One particular of the greatest Search engine optimization myths of all time is "Backlinks don’t work". Nicely, they could have "reduced" value now, but they ARE vital. If there’s Something additional vital than Top quality, Long Content material, it’s backlinks! For my long term blog I generally go with Roundups & Interviews. They’re a excellent way to collect genuine backlinks on a long term weblog. Not to mention the social signals you’re going to get if even 1 influencer shares your piece. Though for the niche projects I own, it’s extra of a Guest posts, web2.0’s and commenting point. I strongly believe that backlinks are the backbone of Seo Campaign of any weblog.

When I say backlinks, I imply high high quality relevant backlinks. An irrelevant backlink from a higher good quality web page does not count towards your domain authority. Hyperlinks should be built pretty carefully and low-quality backlinks should really be avoided. I have been struggling a lot for having higher top quality backlinks but the struggle is totally worth it. 1 of the genuine system that guarantees you good top quality backlinks is guest posting. Guest blogging is not dead and it is nevertheless 1 of the ideal tactics to get genuine higher high quality niche-relevant backlinks. Guest posting also drives targeted targeted traffic to your weblog which is an added benefit.

"Do you really believe Backlinks are still crucial? In my point of view, yes Backlinks are nevertheless critical to get your web page ranked in Search engine. Well creating backlinks is a time consuming effort but it is worth it, beside it assists you to increase SERP, it also present direct clicks (referral targeted traffic) to your website. If Yes, What type of Hyperlink Developing tactics do you use for your internet websites or blogs? The time has gone when you spam one hundred links a day and inside a week you came on the top of SERP’s. Now link constructing has grow to be a really cautious approach soon after the introduction of Penguin and Panda algorithms. You require to be wise. I applied to construct hyperlink by setting up relations with fellow bloggers, participating in roundups and commenting on niche certain blogs.

These activities support me produce backlinks and also present me referral targeted traffic. Yes, I actually believe that Backlinks are nonetheless crucial for the reason that the quantity of Backlinks is an indication of the recognition or significance of that site. Good Backlinks are extremely critical if you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. Indexing: If your Backlinks exists in a site which is often indexed by Google bots then your web site will get indexed very quickly and it will begin appearing in the search benefits far swiftly than other methods. Page Rank: Backlinks from a higher web page rank web page benefits in higher web page rank for referenced internet websites. Reputation: It will improve the reputation of your web site as your web-site is linked on higher repute web sites, the search engine will automatically allot a high reputation to your internet site also.

Yes Ofcourse Backlinks are critical but they are not the only issue that can hold the weight of your blog on their shoulders. So, Then comes the role of high quality content which is Must and whose high quality is enhanced by quality backlinks. Coming to your subsequent query! Nicely, I normally favor commenting on large blogs, quora forums, etc. TBH I mostly comment on huge internet sites/blogs to get quality hyperlinks for my blogs. Link building is the most important aspect of "SEO" and yes link constructing nonetheless matters. Quite a few men and women still thinks that more backlink you have the extra high ranking you got in SERPs.

But now things are changed slightly Google give priority to backlinks but they will be enriched with excellent stuff. So, I choose good quality over quantity. Backlinks have been the game changer considering that the early days of the Search engine optimization, and I think they will continue to play the exact same role for the coming years, as there is no element can play the same function but. Yeah, you really should take care of your content and your onsite elements, but they look to be useless with out the backlinks, except for some uncommon circumstances that are not adequate to generalize. Even Google’s recent updates only confirmedon the backlinks quality, which also indicates that this aspect is going to final for lengthy time, as they just want to give its power to the proper online citizens.

Other linking alternatives which operate effectively when they are added with each other to your links mix are the Content Promoting and Social Media. Exactly where you must give intriguing and sharable stuffs that teaches your fans and offers them causes to share. I love weblog and forum commenting, but only when I can provide value in the niche, this is the only way you get most of them. Q/A sites are an additional location to go for useful links when properly utilised. Internet two. link building is one of the selections on the other hand it shows less energy in pushing the final results on the SERPs. This is not the finish as there are so a lot of other hyperlink constructing procedures that you may well be working with. Do not hesitate to share those approaches with us. Comment box is waiting for your responses.

Your blog hyperlinks and social links in the profile and the report sections are dofollow. Github is a well-known internet site. It provides nofollow hyperlinks in the profile section. Generate a new repository, you can use any name for the repository. You can specify your site URL in the URL field of the repository settings. Also in the e-mail section, you can write the make contact with web page URL of your website. In this way, you can get two dofollow hyperlinks from a Higher DA internet site like Github. Yes, Google also offers out Dofollow links. Just, produce a free of charge Google Plus Organization Web page. Click on the Edit Profile Button, About me web page seems. Click on the Handle Page button and add as several hyperlinks as you want in the Hyperlinks Section of the profile. All these hyperlinks are no-stick to but beneficial. You can also add your social profile hyperlinks to make them stronger.

Hey Buddies, I am back with a different Post for Event Bloggers. After New Year Occasion Achievement, I got quite a few messages from newbies asking various sorts of queries regarding backlinks. But the majority of them want to know just one thing "how to come across high PR backlinks to rank Occasion blogs? So, I decided to create a post to clarify How can you uncover diverse sources for backlinks with the assistance of Google. Effectively, there are a lot of Footprints available which will support you find high top quality backlinks. Do not worry. I will clarify it with an instance, but before taking an example, let’s take a appear on our initially Footprint. This is a excellent way to uncover some top quality auto approve and some moderated internet sites which will enable you to take backlinks from Comment section, if you do not spam considerably.

For an example, take a appear on the screenshot. So, you can get some high high-quality hyperlinks , but the majority of these websites are moderated manually. So, you need to have to prevent as well a lot spamming to get links from those web-sites. If you are looking to find .Edu sources for backlinks, then this footprint will assistance you. But don’t spam considerably as the majority of these websites are moderated. With this footprint, you will be able to uncover Intense debate blogs very easily, where you can comment and get dofollow backlinks. And, for your excellent, majority of these web pages are auto-approve. So, you can get instant hyperlinks, if you are not adding to significantly spam links. Properly, this is a very popular system to locate tons of backlinks amongst occasion bloggers, but still there are a lot of who don’t know this footprint.
Други проблеми... / Re: Проблем с avast internet security
« Последна публикация от skameykin22 - Юни 30, 2018, 01:36:13 pm »
И какъв отговор?
avast! Free/Pro/IS/Premier / Въпрос относно диска за въстановяване
« Последна публикация от mavro - Май 08, 2017, 03:38:53 pm »
Направил съм на флашка  Диск за въстановяване и се пита в задачата как се работи с нето?
avast! Free/Pro/IS/Premier / avast nepriema parolata mi
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Zdraveite!Kogato izskam da zadam< umna proverka>ili<obnoviyavane>izska parola.Zadavam parola,a otgovora e<gre?na parola>.Kakvo da naprava.Ako nyakoi mo?e da mi pomogne da mi pi?e na <armando_68@abv.bg>
Здравейте! Предполагам, че никой няма да ми отговори, но дето се вика да регистрирам проблема. Снабдих се промоция на АИС 2017 за 1 година. Единственото ограничение е да се инсталира до 17.2.2017г. Имам няколко компютри и при всичките  нямаше проблем (включително и на един стар лаптоп с ХР). Проблем се оказа за стар настолен с ХР. Отказва въобще да стартира инсталатора. Понеже ОС беше много отдавна инсталирана и имаше проблеми, реших да си поиграя и я преинсталирах на ново, но проблема си остана. Изтеглих свободната версия от сайта, която е за 2016г. но и тя отказва да стартира инсталатора. Намерих една стара версия на АИС 2015г. - тя се инсталира. Защо се получава това?
avast! Free/Pro/IS/Premier / Re: Относно регистрацията на аваст
« Последна публикация от Еди - Февруари 17, 2017, 09:00:06 am »
Здравейте! Виждам че вече тука е мъртвило. Никой не отговаря на въпросите. От известно време Аваст безплатен не изисква регистрация. Надявам се този отговор от моя страна да ви удовлетвори.
avast! Free/Pro/IS/Premier / Avast Safe Zone ми иска парола.
« Последна публикация от daudebardia - Септември 01, 2016, 01:37:39 pm »
Здравейте! Преди малко инсталирах антивирусната програма Avast и с нея естествено се инсталира и този браузър. Ползвах програмката и преди, но ми се прецака компа и се наложи преинсталация. Прди не съм имал никакви проблеми, но сега като отворя браузъра и влезна в Аваст пароли ми дава че са заключени и за да ги отключа ми иска Master парола. Но аз не съм създавал такава парола, току що я инсталирах програмата. Предния път този проблем го нямаше. Влизам и в секция "пароли" на самата програма Аваст, но там също ми иска "основна парола" .Каква е тази парола и откъде мога да я видя?
Здравейте, от 7 години ползвам Аваст (платена версия) и до скоро нямах никакви грижи с него. Преди 4 месеца изведнъж компютъра се забави много и установих, че  Аваст изразходва 30-60% от процесора при това постоянно - 3 дена!!! Нищо не помогна и го деинсталирах. После инсталирах Free версията, въведох си ключа и всико си стана както преди. До преди 4 дена, когато имах сигнал за вирус, който е премахнат, но след това AvastSvr започна да изразходва 25-30% просорно време и постоянно!!!, от ново инсталирах Free версията и всичко е Ок, но като си въведа кода на платената версия и след обновяването, проблема с натоварването отново се явява? И така 3 пъти, все същото. Някой да има идея как се оправя този проблема и да мога да ползвам версията за която съм платил?   
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